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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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1. Carol could have been raised by her father and her mother could have been the villain without changing either character or the plot. Watch the Manchurian Candidate - mothers can make great villains!
Except the plot then would have been Carol trying to reconnect with her estranged mother, in which case we would have feminists in here complaining about Admiral Marcus abandoning her daughter in favor of her career.

2. Amanda is the personification of Spock's emotional human half rather than just his mother.
Of course she is. And yet she IS a woman, whatever else she also represents.

Carol forgot how transporters work...
So did Kirk, evidently.

4. Chapel was a research biologist.
Who almost never did anything related to biological research in all of TOS and later became an MD.

Also, I think maybe you're being a bit condescending to nurses.

Yeoman Rand has been used as security support in the comics.
And if and when the Enterprise ever has a situation where the Cheif of Security would have a prominent role, this is fertile ground for the characterization of Janice Rand.

Hell, Cupcake's probably dead, so it seems like there'd be an opening for the five-year mission.

As the Captain's yeoman she has every reason to be by his side and as a security trained crewman she could easily have contributed to either movie.
And in either movie she would have been a) immediately killed off at the beginning of the firefight and b) had all of her significant lines edited out for brevity. Especially Into Darkness, which couldn't even find time for the Enterprise to shoot back.

Rand could have been the second security guard on Qo'nos.
I'm sorry, but adding more female redshirts to the Trek bodycount doesn't seem like progress to me. We were talking about SUBSTANCE, right? It ultimately makes no difference whether Cupcake is a man or a woman because he has no lines and is destined to get killed meaninglessly.

Assuming Carol's role becomes as prominent as Uhura, though, we now have a central team that involves three men and two women and McCoy's role isn't nearly as major as it was in TOS. That's two prominent women and two prominent men. You can't do anything meaningful with Janice Rand OR Christine Chapel unless you reduce the role of someone else, and with the pace of these movies it's just not gonna work.

What we really need, IMO, are playable female characters in Trek videogames. They can build on the 2013 release with an Into Darkness followup and Add Sulu, Rand, Uhura and Marcus along with Kirk and Spock as being playable.

It's obvious that they don't think much about casting the extras. Making some noise will hopefully think a bit more.
If you want to get more female extras, you're going to have to get more female actresses to apply for the role. Casting directors aren't going to break their backs looking for them.

And while we're at it - more Andorians dammit!
The andorians make better antagonists than crewmembers, IMO.
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