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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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more power to Aisha Hinds as Darwin - she certainly has some meat on her bones. I would have preferred them to re-use Ilia, personally...
Wouldn't that mean replacing a black woman with a white woman? But wait, Persis was an Indian woman, but had pale skin?

The Cumberbatch as Khan argument all over again. Kobayashi Maru.
Yeah - I've seen Persis in a couple of other movies - they must have piled on the make-up to make her look so pale - although she was pale for a south asian woman I think. I'd be quite happy with an Indian wearing Indian make-up this time round.

I remember watching an episode of TNG and my Nan, bless her, complained that she didn't like watching shows full of black people. I realised that I'd been watching an episode that featured Michael Dorn, LeVar Burton, April Grace, and Lanei Chapman. I hadn't really noticed the ethnic mix of that particular episode and that makes me proud of Trek. I want to not notice that there are all races and genders. If I'm noticing, they're not doing it right!

Sadly, a lot of people's threshold for not noticing stuff is lower than mine - lol - hence the debate
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