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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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Seska was a great villain though
THAT is a matter of opinion.

The catsuits and mini skirts are so iconic I can't bring myself to hate them
I can. Not the miniskirts so much, since that at least passes for standard uniform (plus I got the distinct impression they're wearing shorts under those skirts, which seems like it would be more comfortable) but the Voyager/ENT catsuits are just stupid and never seem to belong anywhere. Seven of Nine looked just fine in a regular uniform, and T'pol had exactly zero reasons NOT to put on a regular Starfleet uniform when she resigned from the Vulcan service.

They essentially became noticeably less-useless versions of Deanna Troi, with the ironic distinction that Troi eventually remembered where her uniform had gone to and finally started wearing it. Seven and T'pol have no excuse.

I would have preferred them to re-use Ilia, personally
This is 2259. Isn't she, like, ten?
Ilia's age wasn't stated and if Ilia was the same age as Persis, she'd be about 19 I think. Decker was older than Chekov and Chekov is in this movie. Assuming that they are not born earlier or later, NuDecker and NuIlia would be just right to be working alongside this crew.
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