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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

Just got back from seeing it again with my daughters (10 and 13). There were about a dozen others in the theater (IMAX 3-D).

The plot seemed a little less convoluted this time, mainly because I had previously forgotten that Khan says he was found out before he could smuggle his crew out in the missiles, so being reminded of that helped straighten some things out.

The actors are just marvelous as their characters. The feeling is as comfortable as TOS.

Does anyone think Cumberbatch can really naturally curl his lips into the shapes he did while talking (especially in the brig), or was it slightly CGI enhanced? I mean, he made some very contorted expressions.

I actually feel more sorry for Khan after seeing it again.

Loved how gung-ho Peter Weller made Marcus. If they still smoked cigars in the 23rd century, Marcus would be chewing on one, son.

I'll agree to disagree with some folks, but Kirk's death scene was better than Spock's in TWOK. Very poignant, especially with Spock knowing what Kirk is going through and not being able to console him.

And, just to make things interesting, my phone started vibrating during the last twenty minutes but I didn't check it. A few seconds later, my oldest hands me her phone. It's a text from her mom at work in DC, "Tornado warning, sited near home, you still at movie?" The theater is about 15 miles away from home. Is it sad to say that message didn't keep me from staying engrossed in the last scenes? Fortunately, everything was where we left it when we got home. (Didn't even rain a drop at the theater.)

Seeing it once with the entire family and once again with my daughters marks my contribution to the box office (seven IMAX 3-D tickets is enough).
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