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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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Seska was a great villain though
THAT is a matter of opinion.

The catsuits and mini skirts are so iconic I can't bring myself to hate them
I can. Not the miniskirts so much, since that at least passes for standard uniform (plus I got the distinct impression they're wearing shorts under those skirts, which seems like it would be more comfortable) but the Voyager/ENT catsuits are just stupid and never seem to belong anywhere. Seven of Nine looked just fine in a regular uniform, and T'pol had exactly zero reasons NOT to put on a regular Starfleet uniform when she resigned from the Vulcan service.

They essentially became noticeably less-useless versions of Deanna Troi, with the ironic distinction that Troi eventually remembered where her uniform had gone to and finally started wearing it. Seven and T'pol have no excuse.

I would have preferred them to re-use Ilia, personally
This is 2259. Isn't she, like, ten?
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