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I don't know, maybe try to compare the physiologies of Excalbians and Sheliak with physiologies of species the Borg have assimilated, or likely have assimilated. You did a good job speaking about the Excalbians.
Compare physiologies? How could anyone do that? The only Borg ever seen were of the one head/two arms/two legs variety. Nothing outside of the basic human shape was ever depicted as part of the Collective. So apparently the Borg don't do non-humanoids, therefore neither Excalbians nor Sheliak would be assimilated. Whether they could be or not, who can say? What is there to discuss about that? Any answer is as good as another.

I still think the Sheliak lawyers alone would make the Borg leave them alone.
Seriouslyif th Borg ever show up in NuTrek there should be non-humanoid Borg. Some species would make great mobile mortar launchers.

What about assimilating Tholians?
Interesting idea! The Tholians are silicon-based, like the Excalbians and Horta, right?
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