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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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Which blog is that out of curiosity? Although it's a forgone conclusion at this point...
Can't. Love that blog and won't have the comments section sullied by fanboys. (Not calling you a fanboy, but others are reading) If it's true, we ought to know soon enough.

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And Supes is currently at 57% on RT.
But I wanted it to be good! It's going to smack the competition whether it's good or not, so I hoped it would have had the decency to at least be good.

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Opening day admissions in France according to the forums: 88,477, compared to 59,970 for Star Trek.
Interesting. The French have never liked Star Trek before. Do you suppose, on foreign-language Trek boards, the posters there are debating why it is that Into Darkness is doing so much better than its predecessor? The action content doesn't seem any higher to me.

That would be an interesting conversation to listen in on. At least compared to listening to a canon enthusiast try to convince us that, despite only getting two cents of every dollar of the foreign grosses, the studio nevertheless cheerfully spent half a billion marketing this movie in foreign territories, expecting a minimum performance of 64 billion worldwide.
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