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Re: concept art and set photos!

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But note that I am not using the wholly indefensible 'you with your...' line of irrelevancy that is trotted out so regularly across this BBS as if it is the last trump to end discussion or discredit dissenting views.
Which is appreciated, to be sure.

But you're attempting to analyze in the voice of expert opinion what are -- BY DEFINITION -- stylistic choices. It's like going to see Django Unchained and complaining that the Birth of a Nation scene isn't blocked properly and the lighting choices are inconsistent with the tempo of the dialog. Hence my point about directing: making movies is an art form, not a technical pursuit. Very good directors can get away with doing things wrong -- intentionally -- if they can make it work. That's one of the things about the use of shaky-cam during intense battle scenes. One of the earliest uses of that technique was when Spielberg did it in Saving Private Ryan; it worked pretty well at the time. One of the worst uses of that technique was almost every single scene in "The Bourne Supremacy" and also parts of Transformers, where the shaky cam gets so extreme that you can't tell who's fighting who until one of them hits the floor (and the car chase in Bourne Supremacy looks like home video shot on a camera phone glued to the back of somebody's wrist).

Style trumps technicality any day. As long as you don't forget your glaucoma medication (like my mother did the first time she saw it) the lens flare effect works pretty well.
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