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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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I think Star Trek could make a tiny dent in all of this. A really tiny one; but you've got to start somewhere. Why not there?
Because I simply don't expect my entertainment to be in the business of curing societies ills, I expect it to entertain me.

If you want change, make a statement: go work in women's shelters, climb the ladder of big business/government and make changes. But bitching about entertainment isn't going to change a thing as long as your going out and buying tickets.

Bitching about it constantly on a message board is going to create as much change as me going out and pissing in the street.
Actually, the media is a very important site for all of these issues. It has a huge impact on the way that young people view themselves, others, and the world around them. Star Trek is not a major offender on this front, but it has certainly had its fair share of minor infractions. I enjoy it-in all its incarnations-and that's why the gender thing bothers me.

And this is not bitching. I'm simply having a discussion about a certain aspect of a certain film with a number of interesting and enlightened people, many of whom I happen to disagree with. If everybody took your suggestion as a benchmark, nobody would discuss anything.

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