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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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How about if it's EVERY piece of 2 hours entertainment they're likely to see? Because the latest study suggests that girls might as well give up on a equal chance at a career alongside men and aspire to be moms and girlfriends instead.
So you should definitely keep your daughters away from Star Trek, then, which features two different women who are both genius-level experts in their field in a way that makes their male counterparts look like useless chumps.

And even puts the "be a girlfriend!" thing into context with Uhura's line
"It's not just me, the Captain thinks so too!"
And Kirk:
"No, no, don't drag me into this! Seriously, though, she's right."

This is, in fact, the first time in Trek history that Uhura was a full member Team Enterprise in every sense that someone could be part of it. It almost makes up for the TFF "Fan Dance" scene.

And nobody is suggesting that every movie has to have a 50/50 gender divide but a franchise like Star Trek is a golden opportunity to do so and they screwed it up big.
How do you figure? Just counting the number of females on the bridge, it looks like about 30/70. Carol Marcus is a physicist and a weapons specialist and doesn't get all screamy until 1) Khan breaks her leg and 2) Khan sqishes her father's head like a watermelon (hell, I woulda screamed too).

Speaking of the Bechdel Test, I'm reminded that Insurrection actually managed to pass it due to this awesome piece of dialog
TROI: And have you noticed how your boobs have started to firm up?
CRUSHER: Not that we care about such things in this day and age.
TROI: Uh huh.
How inspiring!
I'd just like to point out (since I'm on Pauln6's side of the divide) that I would never defend Star Trek: Insurrection on any point.
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