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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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So you're saying that every producer should have a checklist that they have to follow? Every time you write a short story, should someone come behind and make sure that you've not left anyone out that they feel should be there and that there's a fifty-fifty gender balance. What about transgendered folks? What about the overweight? The blind? The left-handed? Nudists?

Why shouldn't everyone be represented in any given story?
I'm going to create an adaptation of 12 Angry Men, except this time it's going to be called 6 Angry Men, 6 Angry Women, 1 of Them Might Be Gay, a few aren't white.
The story would be the same wouldn't it? But actresses would be getting work they deserve. I'd have no problem with that adaptation.

Do you have a problem with it?
And if the film features all 6 angry women doing a striptease and then sitting around naked while all the men wear suits, the point is moot again.

It's not about the quota, folks, it's about the content.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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