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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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Because the latest study suggests that girls might as well give up on a equal chance at a career alongside men and aspire to be moms and girlfriends instead.
Funny stuff. My wife works for a major tele-communications company while I stay home, which is becoming more and more common here in the States. My daughter is studying Criminal Justice with an eye on a career in Law Enforcement.

So... I honestly don't know what planet your living on.
The exceptions prove the rule? Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minster so women are equally likely to be Prime Minister?

To a certain extent, I would expect to see more women lawyers because lawyers know the equality laws, although I'd be interested to know how many female senior police officers and senior judges you have.

As far as movie characters go, the statistics are not all that favourable to women.
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