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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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And it's in the true spirit of Star Trek! Prejudice should be fought in all its forms... oh no, wait... It's also crap. The producers aren't deliberately choosing to use male characters for artistic reasons, they're simply tone deaf to gender balance.
So you're saying that every producer should have a checklist that they have to follow? Every time you write a short story, should someone come behind and make sure that you've not left anyone out that they feel should be there and that there's a fifty-fifty gender balance. What about transgendered folks? What about the overweight? The blind? The left-handed? Nudists?

Why shouldn't everyone be represented in any given story?

Your perfectly within your right to decide whether or not a piece of entertainment is acceptable to you. Your perfectly within your right to reject something that isn't acceptable to you.
When playing Dungeons & Dragons we use random tables! But you know what, would I think it was cool if Scotty's assistant in engineering was transgender and nobody batted an eyelid? Hell yes.

But this kind of attitude misses the point. It's a tougher call on issues like race where there are many options to choose from but gender - absolutely not. Women make up more than 50% of the population and they should be 50% of the characters in Trek. It's that simple.
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