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Re: My thoughts on and gripes with Star Trek Into Darkness

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Star Trek was a progressive show and a brave one, but yeah it was also camp and silly and actioney just as often.
When was it brave?
Plato's Stepchildren.

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You defeat your own argument with the Beatles analogy. No one is saying that ALL of TOS is of a kind (in terms of themes and attitudes) with the Abrams films. But they are of a kind with a significant portion of TOS.
Well said. And IMO, it's of a kind with some of the more entertaining aspects of TOS, which weren't all that original or thought provoking even for their time.

Or am I the only one who remembers that "Balance of Terror", one of the better first season episodes, was a blatant ripoff of "The Enemy Below"? At least Into Darkness has the benefit of ripping off other Star Trek movies; if they'd gone "Starship Red October" with John Harrison commanding the Vengeance, I might have been slightly annoyed.
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