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Re: Banshee is hard, even for HBO.

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I'm currently 7 episodes (of 10) into this show. And I can say it is pure AWESOME!! Love it!

How popular or well known is it in the US? As the only reason I've even heard of it is because I saw this thread a few months ago. It's shown on Sky Atlantic here in the UK, but I missed the first few eps so didn't catch, and plus I barely saw it advertised anywhere. Anyway I randomly watched the first episode online a couple of days ago, and since then have been using all my free time to watch the others. Ep 6 with the albino, haha jesus christ.

It's easily become my new favourite show, sorry Game of Thrones. Definitely recommending this to everyone I know.
Banshee is experimental original programming from a select soft core porn subscriber channel called Cinemax (in cooperation with HBO as the junior partner, thus the thread header.). Cinemax is an unusual place to find "Soprano's" level ultradrama. So, yeah, it was very well hidden. Banshee doesn't work on the same sales model as Network television, or is it after the same goals since Cinemax does not have advertisering and their cable boxes pass on one hundred percent acurate viewing data.

Banshee has been renewed for a second season.

If in England, some suit was to try and advertise Banshee propperly to garner populataruty, try to imagine the backlash from whoever the moden day Mary Whitehouse is. The series would be villified and pulled for the line up quickly becuase it's too gratuitously brutal.
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