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Re: Strategic Designs/Cydonia 6 Ink: Any Progress?

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Yes, the Ships of the Starfleet (especially vol. 1) was/is probably the ultimate book in that regard - I love the foldout plans of the Belknap.
Actually, "Ships of the Star Fleet". Two words. My uncle told me once that that's how they always used to write it, even on the show, until things "changed" in the late 80's.

The Belknap plans are cool. I just wish there were more of them. For ALL the ships!

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But still, as I said before, I never liked their assumption of there being some 1600 starships in Starfleet. Itīs just completely contrary to what we know from TOS and the movies.
I think I read an interview once where they said they didnt want to nail things down so much either, but then they said it was just really "Class One' ships only they were talking aabout, so that's cool to me. When you've got so much space to cover, its probably actually not close to enough
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