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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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If you sell your programme or film as a 'progressive vision of the future', then don't use women as sexual objects to ogle at.
The only one who ever did that was Roddenberry and it was used as a sales tool. I quit buying his 'progressive vision of the future' schtick when I read that he dumped the female first officer character because he'd rather lie to his fiance than tell her the truth on why she was being replaced.

It's boring, it's anachronistic, and it's letting down young boys and girls.
I don't want my kids getting there values from entertainment, that's what parents are for.
But like it or not, they will get some of their values-their self-perception and perception of others-from entertainment. And even if they don't, then everyone else's kids will.

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