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Re: Is TAS worth watching in my complete Star Trek marathon?

To the OP, yes I think TAS is worth watching at least once. There are only 22 episodes and they're only ~25mins a piece. They're available on Netflix, so if you're a Netflix subscriber you don't have to even have to worry about possibly feeling like you wasted money on buying the DVDs if you don't like it that much.

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Hopefully, they will finish the TAS Blu-ray set soon.
Is this actively being worked on? Beyond some speculation a few months ago I've not heard anything about a TAS BD project. I really hope it's coming - I'll be there day and date!
It's based on something Robert Meyer Burnett (producer of the TNG Blu-ray sets) said in an off-hand remark. As I recall it was simply his own wish list of projects he'd like to see tackled. He clarified that somewhere (I think in a tweet?) a while back.

EDIT: Found it.

UPDATE: Robert has been in touch with TrekCore and asked us to clarify that his comments on an Animated Series Blu-Ray release were just his opinion and assumptions. He has no first hand knowledge that CBS plans to release the series, he just hopes it to be the case one day.

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