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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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Besides, it's not like the camera lingers on Alice Eve for several minutes. It's a brief glimpse that also manages to belittle "Kirk's reputation" by Marcus' "Turn around." The supposedly irresistible womanizer, in Abrams Trek, is shot down quite efficiently by the two most prominent female characters. Did it have to include a shot of Eve in her undies? No. Uhura was fully clothed in the bar in the 09 version. But the undies did underscore the awkwardness of Kirk's glance (making it another lesson on the road from youthfulness to maturity) while also engaging in a rather mild form of brief titillation--something that no other film (including no other Trek) has ever done, of course.

Just because it is a Trek movie doesn't mean it will be devoid of titillation (no matter what the committee for the way things ought to be would like). It is entertainment, first and foremost, not a training film on how to completely avoid the objectification of people (and I mean people--not just women).
The problem is that the Carol Marcus underwear scene served no purpose other than to titillate. She's wearing a push-up bra for God's sake.

The same goes for the Uhura/Kirk bedroom scene in ST09. The camera does linger on Saldana's body in a voyeuristic way-a way that it does not when it focuses on Kirk.
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