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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

Crazyewok wrote: View Post
Maybe the fedration worlds purposely but all there douche bags on one ship to get them as far away as possible for a long time and hopefully get blown us!

Thats why they have there family on board too. Get rid of all of em haha
That could certainly explain that grating pomposity that most of the crew tend to exhibit at least occasionally.

RandyS wrote: View Post
If you came from a family of abusive alcoholics, you would find TNG's "sneery" attitude quite correct. Despite the fact that their attitude wasn't "sneery" at all.
As someone who has very little patience with the preachiness of TNG, I have to admit I never thought they were being preachy about alcohol, simply stating that they had a similar tasting beverage without the intoxicating effects. Essentially, they just finally got near-beer right.
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