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Re: Rumors of a Special Surprise for the Anniversary

Because nothing in Doctor Who fandom can happen without an overreaction from Gallifrey Base, the forum director posted this in the missing episodes thread there, with the first two lines in red:


I've been holding back on this, but now that Bleeding Cool have stoked the fires, I'd like to ask you all to reign in your enthusiasm and excitement, keep calm and carry on. At this point it's all still a rumor, and it's been made quite clear, with this rumor and rumors in the past, that "loose lips sink ships" (so to speak), and too much talk can cause very real problems with negotiations, if such negotiations are being carried out. Nobody here would like to know that their posts were responsible for unintentionally sabotaging negotiations and scuppering a return, so please exercise caution and discretion. I'm not silencing discussion on the rumor, and the rumor still may turn out to be false, I'm just asking you all to take it easy and think before you post. Thank you.
Which led someone to suggest that he knew something, which led him to post this:
I "know" the same thing that everyone else "knows" and no more.

(Well, the first time I heard the rumor in January, it was 54 episodes. That's about the only difference.)

The very reason why I didn't want to have to post that sort of message was that it might inadvertently lend an unintended authenticity to the rumor for some of our more overeager members. So I'm telling you right now, straight and clear, don't make that mistake.
Which led as day leads to night to this, and a temporary thread closure:
One of our members has accused me of making my post in response to receiving a message from someone asking me to do it.

There is no truth to that.

Nobody has said anything to me about missing episodes, nobody has made any requests of me, not in any form of communication.

That was me considering the situation and attempting to be sensible about it.

And, one more time, this is still a rumor, the same rumor that's been going around for a while now. It has yet to be proven true or false to me or anyone else, as far as I know.

So, enough of that. I'm not keeping the thread closed, because there's always plenty to talk about when it comes to missing episodes. Thread will reopen soon. But my earlier post still stands, and I very much appreciate those of you who have taken the message to heart.
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