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Strategic Security Directorate

The Federation was an ideal, a beacon in the raging storm that had become of local space. Years of rivalry were put aside, old conflicts burried, and as the dust settled from the Romulan Wars, the Federation emerged. For a time, there was peace. Then the wars came.

Klingons. Romulans. Tzinkethi. Cardassians. Dominion. Breen. Son'a. Hur'q. Remans. Borg. Every major power, from every major corner, has tried, more than once, to unbalance the fragile ideals the Federation holds dear. These conflicts spawn more dangers: rebels extremists, splinter factions, warlords, pirates; the Federation is under attack from every side. Unchecked, these forces will slowly tear her apart. I don't intend to let them.

I represent the Strategic Security Directorate, a branch of Starfleet Intelligence assigned to missions of counter-intelligence, counter-piracy, and counter-terrorism. We secure the borders, seek out the threats, maintain the peace, and do what must be done to protect the future of the Federation, and of our children.

Two vessels are badly in need of crew - the USS Daedalus, and the USS Horizon. These vessels are crucial to our continued operations, and must be manned as quickly as possible. Supplimentary vessels will be deployed when additional resources and personnel are made availiable.

Our major vacancies:

USS Daedalus - Saber-class (refit) Special Ops Cruiser
- Chief CONN Officer
- Master-at-Arms (NCO)
- Squadron Leader
- Chief Medical Officer

USS Horizon - Typhon-class Command Carrier
- Commander, Air Group
- Chief Tactical Officer (Air Traffic Control)
- Chief Engineering Officer
- Chief Science Officer
- Marine Commander

Plus other (junior) positions. For full listings, access our database.

Our recruitment is not limited just to Starfleet. We take the best personnel availiable, drawn from not only Starfleet and the Federation's civilian body, but also from other (allied) militaries - Klingons, Romulans, Ferengi, Cardassians, and Bajorans. Applicants from across the Federation Alliance are welcome: stability for the Federation means stability for the Alliance, after all.

Your help is needed. Will you answer the call?

Vice Admiral Valtane Zoran
Commander-in-Chief: Strategic Security

- - -

Strategic Security is a PBEM RPG. Set a few years after the events of Star Trek Nemesis and the Titan series (Game Year = 2381/2), we currently have two active sims:

USS Daedalus
The USS Daedalus is about to begin her second mission, set during the tail end of 2381, and featuring a voyage to investigate a mysterious threat causing the disappearences of many starships out in deep space, close to the Cardassian border. She is classified as a "Special Ops Cruiser", loosely similar to the USS Incursion from Star Trek: Away Team in operation - our personnel are highly trained, and often have skills outside of their standard service perameters, providing the Daedalus with an adaptive, multi-talented force that can, in theory, perform almost any mission.

USS Horizon
The USS Horizon, due to launch early in February this year, is a Typhon-class "Command Carrier", as featured in the Star Trek: Invasion video game. Her first mission (set in 2382) will see her deployed to help settle one of the numerous diplomatic crises springing up in what is rapidly becoming known as the Disputed Teritories - regions of the Gamma Quadrant settled by nations from the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

The Horizon carries a fighter force, a sizable Marine force, several Special Operations and Support teams, and the facilities and firepower of a small outpost, all wrapped up in a warp-capable package. We're a "Starbase on wheels", as someone put it, and will be doing anything from diplomacy and peacekeeping to combat and defense, and all manner of fun things in between.

Our website is still under construction, but it is being constantly updated, with new sections being added to the Database and other areas of the site on a regular basis.

The website can be found at Any questions or queries about Strategic Security should be directed to myself, the sim owner, at

Thanks for reading - I hope to hear from some of you soon.

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