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Re: Agamemnon Voyages: The God Particle

Borg Cube 321, 2372

“No trace of Particle 010 detected on planetoid 023475-233G. Presence of Particle 010 now confirmed on board of Federation starship, USS Cuffe, designation NCC-73006. Changing course to intercept,” a thousand voices within the seemingly endless cube echoed as one.

“Second Federation starship detected,” the voices thundered again as if a million drones where having a conversation with themselves. “Classification USS Agamemnon, NCC-76210. No traces of Particle 010 detected on board. Vessel expected to offer resistance.”

“Irrelevant. Primary objective: Secure Particle 010. All other objectives are irrelevant.”

“Diverting all system resources to achieve primary objective.”

And so the two Borg cubes continued on their course to intercept the two Starfleet ships with a single and unwavering purpose.

“Contact with primary objective imminent,” the Borg voices said as one. “Federation ships showing no signs of activated offensive and defensive systems. Prepare to secure Particle 010 and terminate Federation vessels.”

But then the first signs of something amiss didn’t escape the minds of the countless drones linked into every single instrument of their massive vessels. “Particle 010 energy build-up detected on NCC-73006.”

“Irrelevant. Expected conclusion of energy build-up will not take place before time index 02334. Interception will take place at time index 02331. Proceed with primary objective.”

And so it was understood that whatever last minute ploy Starfleet had tried to engage in to keep the desired super-molecule out of the Borg’s grasp was destined to fail. Whatever their plan it would come too late. The Borg were supremely confident in their own cold and meticulous calculations. Cuffe would be intercepted and secured long before she and her fellow escort had a chance to mount any kind of defense.

Victory, for the Borg, was all but assured.
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