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Re: Things Starfleet needs to fix already on its ships.

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It is of course your choice to conclude that Starfleet does a sloppy job, since earth is left defenseless time and time again. However, for me the logical conclusion is that they just donīt have enough starships to have them guard the core systems.
If thats the case thats not sloppy that negligance! Haveing a dozen or so ships in ones primary defence fleet when you are surronded by many hostile empire is crazy! It would be akin to the US have a couple of Frigates to prorect it self in world war 2. Crazy!!!!!
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Also they frequently are performing duties like ferrying cargo/supplies, hosting diplomats or decontaminating planets. There would be no need to use an (exploratory) starship for that, if they had such a vast fleet of other vessels to draw on.
And they use aircraft carriers to do mundane stuff too. Just because you are a top of the line ship does not mean you are excused from mundane crap.

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Finally, why would Starfleet go to all the trouble of completely reworking the Enterprise between TOS and TMP, if she was just one of hundreds of starships?
Why do moden westen navys like the USA and UK refit there older ships even though new ones are in production? Because its cost effective and its good to recycle.
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than an exploratory one during the time of TOS and the movies.

Seeing as they were on the brink of war with klingons and romulans its stands to reason they would still be a defence fleet.

Also look at its registry number. 1701 and with the Defiant being NCC 1764 we can assume there is at least 1764 ships flying about in the mid 23rd century and its seems that regsitrys are reused sthat registrys of ships that were built earlier and permantly decomissioned are reused.

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