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Re: THE HOBBIT (2012/2013): News, Rumors, Pics Till Release

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The barrel scene in the book did not need to be another action scene, but the trailer is making it look like they're fighting in the barrels as they're going down the river (which is both stupid and probably physically impossible)

So you're moving on from "Man of Steel" to the "Hobbit"?

Did you watch the "Hobbit" Did you see the dwarves tossing CGI plates like they were nothing?

How about the dwarves sliding down a ledge on a rickety piece of wooden platform?

Or hanging on to a falling tree and everyone surviving. Not to mention giant eagles swooping in.

"Stupid" and "physically impossible" come with the territory of these movies.

So if they can fight in barrels going down a river then they can because it's fantasy epic.
The physically impossible part wasn't the biggest problem, it just happened to be very noticable (there is no way those barrels would stay upright while going through very turbulent waters like they were). The scene was already good in the book. It was not an action scene, and doesn't need to be, but jackson seems to hate not having constant action. Its just an annoyance, but its one of the scenes that sticks out in the book, and seeing it turned into some kind of action fest just struck me as being stupid.

Also, I'm not "moving on" to the Hobbit. I love LOTR, the books and the movies. I liked the first Hobbit, despite its flaws. I'm excited for Hobbit 2, even with some of the weird stuff. That said, I am going to talk about the weird stuff, but this is a totally different situation than with MoS. That doesn't mkae this movie immune to criticism, but I'm not looking at this movie in a negative mood, I'm just talking about it. I'm sure I'll enjoy it when it comes out, but until then if I see something weird, I will probably mention it.
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