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Re: Rumors of a Special Surprise for the Anniversary

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So, is it a safe assumption, that this rumor has now become so strong, there almost has to be something to it? IE: There has to at the very least be 1 episode, even if the whispering of the story from person to person pumped it up to lots and lots. Or is it still likely it's a complete load of hogwassh?
One rumor that's circulating is that a large mass of material has been found/was recovered, and that this happened either with or close in time to "The Underwater Menace" and "Galaxy 4." When those episodes made their premiere at the British Film Institute, the rumor was that was just the tip of the iceberg; people in the know knew that there was more than just those two.

Then specific names started getting tossed around. "Marco Polo." "The Enemy of the World." Possibly "Evil of the Daleks." (And yes, I know how unlikely a recovery of "Evil" is.)

Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool says that he's heard from his sources that sixty episodes have been recovered. I can't believe that. No, wait, I can. But I won't believe that. Because that's impossible.
Yea, I remembering reading "There's more, they're holding out on us".

60? OMG, my wildest dreams didn't even dare fantasize about more than 10 episode in one shot. 10 Episodes would cause a total fangasm, IMHO.

Wow, just... wow, this will be like taking a bath in awesome sauce if there's any truth to it.

DalekJim, yea, it's pretty incredible, but, this is BleedingCool we're talking about, after holding back on it for over a year and half, it's a pretty low chance that there's isn't some kind of smoke for the fire. Sure 60 could very well be an exaggeration, but, hard to believe it's complete BS. They're not known for just blurting any old rumor with no substance, without stating there is absolutely no substance. This article sounds like the author is holding back on some of the wilder claims
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