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Re: I.S.S. Titan & I.S.S. Ares

Posted by fleetcaptain:
Glad to see the contiunation of your designs. On the subject of MU Riker, I would say go with the Borg implant too but I also think you should go with the eye patch but maybe have an cybernetic eye with it. I don't know if you ever read DC's TNG comic on an alternate universe devestrated by the Borg, but the alternate Riker had an eye patch on his left eye with an cybernetic eye I believe that was. I'm sure someone besides me knows about it.
Are you going to be doing more of the MU Titan crew, such as those on the regular Titan ?

It was the Worst of Both Worlds I believe. Those are one of the few TNG Comics that I bought.

I plan on creating a few more MU characters (Tuvok, Geordi). I am having
Geordi be the I.S.S. Titans First officer. Vale head of Security. Jaza (I think thats his name will be a Bajoran rebel).

I don't know how fast I will turn them out, but who knows.

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