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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

I seem to have hit a raw nerve but, quite frankly, STID is nowhere near the blockbuster Paramount must have hoped it would be. After a sizable budget increase, followed by a very agressive/expensive overseas marketing campaign, box office results seem mixed at best.

Domestic box office:
ST09: 172% of film budget
STID: 107% as of 6/11

International box office:
ST09: 85% of film budget
STID: 93% as of 6/11

Worlwide box office:
ST09: 257% of film budget
STID: 199% as of 6/11

Bottom line: Generously speaking (since additional marketing costs haven't been taken into account), at this point STID would have to earn at least an additional $100 million worldwide (for a total of $488 million) just to match ST09's ROI.

Yes, the film is doing "fine" and yes, there will be another, but I can safely predict that those at Paramount looking at the bottom line must be disappointed by STID's overall performance and I will bet anyone credits to navy beans that we will see a significant budget cut for the next film.
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