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Re: Been thinking its time to try Doctor Who

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And truthfully as "Rose" acts like a pilot how many pilot episodes represent the best episode that a particualr show has to offer.
Uh.... An Unearthly Child would be a good one to look at .
Sure...For you and me, but, there's a lot of young people today who can't get into Black and White or the pace of the older serials. Heck, look at Kirk55555's reaction to the Silent Movie that won an award, for many of today's youth, black and white and the slower pace of the serials of that era are no easier to get beyond then. Although I have no problem with Black and White or the pacing, I too have an aversion to Silent Movies and Subtitled movies (mostly because I don't typically just sit in front of the TV, I am generally doing other things while watching, which isn't really possible if you need to watch the screen every second to read dialogue)
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