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Re: E3 2013 Discussion

David Wong at Cracked explains the 5 Things Every Game Company Gets Wrong About Gamers. It's a response to both Sony's and Microsoft's events at E3.

Cracked wrote:
#4. You Don't Care What the Games Actually Are

Sony's event showed off a game called The Order: 1886, a beautiful steampunk game that seems to be about shooting monsters with complicated guns. In typical fashion, they teased it with a trailer in which a bunch of old-timey dudes ride along in a horse-drawn carriage ...


Looks great, very cool atmosphere, setting, etc. And we have no goddamned idea what the product being sold is. What genre is this? Is it an FPS? An RPG? A third-person shooter? What is the thing that I will get to do if I buy that game?
I loved this part. I was thinking the same thing when the game was shown. RPG? FPS? Shmup? Tetris-clone? There is absolutely no information on the actual gameplay.
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