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Re: Generations was...

a Star Trek film with heart! I just re-watched Generations last night and it holds up very well to be 19 years old. The film was special to me because, it was thoughtful. There were nice character moments for most of the major players. It was also kind of a nostalgic look back at ones life and examining what was important. I remember leaving the theater in 1994 kind of sadded by the death of Kirk and the destruction of the ENT D. It was deeper than that really, I went out and purchased the soundtrack - this film had touched a chord. The idea of the Nexus has been land blasted by a great many on this board but, it was really thought provoking for me. It made me imagine what I would change about my own life if I could. I would also argue that this performance by Shatner was one of his best as Kirk. He seems to finally come to terms with the character.
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