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Re: Generations was...

I liked Generations. Some of the imagery was fantastic. The sunlight in Picard's ready room and ten forward was a nice touch. The updated bridge with the sharper uniforms. I even found Soran to be a compelling villian with good structure. I just didn't like the wasted time in the Nexus as it was so far removed from I wanted to see. I wanted to see more of space, the crew working together, the Enterprise -D, etc. I don't want to see Captains riding horses and chopping firewood or enjoying a French Christmas. I enjoyed the scenes up to that. I could have gone without seeing Krik again in the 24th century seeing as he lived just to get into a fist fight and fall off a bridge.

The movie still holds a special place in my heart mainly because I had just started to get into Star Trek around this time. The movie seemed really cool at the time.
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