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Re: Generations was...

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I give up. Generations is unfixable.
Agreed. The TNG crew needed:
1. Their own movie without any TOS interference. The TOS stuff felt shoehorned in and Kirk later in the film dying the way he did was a waste.
2. At least a year or two between the show and film. Braga and Moore were trying to write both All Good Things and Generations at the same time. Had they been given more time, I'm pretty sure AGT would have been an even better series finale and Generations wouldn't have sucked.

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I hated seeing the Enterprise D destroyed. It should have just been refitted. I think ships are better when they have some age and history and the Enterprise D did. It may not have been the best design but it was familiar.
Bite your tongue. The Enterprise-D was the best design of all the various Enterprises, and destroying it was the worst part of GENERATIONS. Even Kirk's death wasn't as stupid. I'm still disappointed that Starfleet didn't give Picard an identical replacement the way they did with Kirk when he lost his first Enterprise. The Enterprise-E is easily the ugliest ship ever seen in Star Trek
Agreed, Randy. And about the Enterprise E too. Internally and externally, I've never understood why people champion it. The Enterprise-D was a superior design in nearly every quantifiable way.
I have to agree/disagree with you guys on the D/E.

Exterior: Looked ungainly and misshapen from too many angles.
Interior: Looked too much like an 80's hotel lobby.

Exterior: Looked fast and scary from many angles.
Interior: Here is where you get my agreement. E was too dark inside.
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