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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own ris

Posted by peacemaker:
Posted by kipron:
Is there any word yet on who Six met with on Caprica (back in the miniseries)? Is it true that this will be revealed in Epiphanies?

Personally, my money's on <span class="spoiler"><font class="small">Spoiler:</font><hr /><span>Billy</span><hr /></span>. Am I right?
Actually, I think it was Baltar. There's a pic @ that shows Six making out with Baltar in public. Methinks Roslin saw them together and will remember this. She will then use this as leverage on Baltar.
That would certainly be an interesting development, but it definately is NOT Baltar. If you watch the scene again, you'll notice that Six meets whoever-it-is while Baltar is walking in the completely opposite direction!

(Unless there's more than one Baltar.)

Remember, we still don't know who put the EMP generator aboard Colonial One in the miniseries. I suppose Doral could have put it there, but since we already know he's a Cylon, where's the fun in that? My theory is that there was *another* Cylon aboard Colonial One that we didn't know about. Billy makes sense, as we know he was also on Caprica, and hence could've met with Six before leaving.

Are you convinced yet?

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