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Re: Stargate Universe Rewatch: Now with teacake

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Air, extended version: This is the first time I've seen the extended rather than broadcast version. There was exactly one scene I thought was new, where James has a big whine at Young about "why don't you ask me how I am, wah wah" which really is an awful scene. James was underused through the show but this scene only makes her look bad. Someone correct me quick if this was in the broadcast version and I just blanked it out.
You're right, that scene was left out of the broadcast version and inserted in the extended version. Other new scenes are Rush explaining the Lucian Alliance to Eli, which includes Rush speculating that someone among Icarus personnel was spying for the Alliance and another scene actually showing Rush's conversation with O'Neill when he used the stones to make contact after arrival on Destiny. The broadcast version just shows Rush swapping into Dr Lee's body.
I really don't get why they reinserted the scene with Rush and O'Neill. It undermines one of the few bits of real ambiguity the show had, plus it makes the character look like an idiot as part of the show's bizarre need to piss on the smart people for some reason.
I thought it gave an interesting look into the kind of person Rush is. In the broadcast version, all we have is him claiming O'Neill put him in charge and everyone (including the audience) has to take him at his word. In this version, we find out that O'Neill actually made some offhand comment like "you got them into this mess, it's up to you to get them out," which Rush apparently chose to interpret as O'Neill placing him in charge. I preferred this angle on the character instead of the "Rush is a shady bastard" view the series was always trying to push down our throats.

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I'm confused as to why Young is in such a rush to report back to earth. Is he required to do so at certain intervals? So far nothing of any use has come of it which is just DUMB. Why doesn't he use the stones and request someone exchange with him (OR THE COOK) who has experience with ancient tech? There must be plenty of not very useful people on the ship they could exchange with someone with extra knowledge for a few hours.
This has often been one of the common complaints about the stones on the show. It gets worse as the show goes on and most of the time random nobodies swap onto Destiny who don't really help out at all. There's the occasional specialist who helps out with the problem of the week, but for the most part they're just off-duty military officers who I guess just relax while inside someone else's body on the ass-end of the universe.

I can understand just grabbing whoever's available if it's a situation where Young or someone needs to go to Earth for a meeting, but the rest of the time there really should have been experts who could help out on Destiny swapping while everyone else got to go home and bang their spouses.
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