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Re: Novels with HUGE battles?

Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts of Empire opens with pretty epic battle, concurrent to Destiny. The rest of the novel is space-battle-free IIRC.

Voyager: Children of the Storm has some chaotic fighting.

Before Dishonor features some insanely outrageous fighting between a Borg super cube, a planet killer (it's actually a sequel of sorts to Vendetta) and the Enterprise-E. There's also a mutiny and... someone dies.
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I don't know if it fits your definition of "large scale" or not, but "The Wounded Sky" has an excellent battle scene between the Enterprise and a squadron of Klingons, at least 7 or 8 ships if memory serves. The Klingons do all of the actual shooting but (spoiler alert) the Big E comes out on top.
That was a cool battle, but it should be pointed out that it's very different from the battles in TV/film Trek, and how some technology works and the effects of warp drive around stars is totally different to what is generally currently accepted.
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