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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own ris

Posted by Dorian Thompson:
Thanks for the heads up. The love of her life, huh? Yeah, Katee is real high on that Anders business, isn't she? The Lee/Kara shippers aren't going to like that, but they'd better get used to it I suppose.
Until "the lover of her life" meets a horrible and painful death. I'm not wishing this; I just know it's kind of inevitable the way BSG works that Anders is gonna bite the dust.

I would much rather see a bumpy, wacky relationship like Lee/Kara than a smooth, unflawed Kara/Anders. Wacky, unstable relationships are just more fun. Anyway, RDM has said multiple times that the Lee/Kara issue would always "dance in and out of the show."

Personally, I would take all that stuff about "closing the door" with a grain of salt. Didn't EJO say before Season 2 that Adama would probably "never, ever, ever forgive Roslin."

Besides, Katee never said the door was locked; only closed.
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