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Re: What if instead of the classic phrases

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And other old Trek references which they felt obligated to do to keep the hardcore trekkies happy ( i watched almost all Trek episodes and read some books but i don't care for easter eggs in the new movie) they would had casted one of the old captains is a major role in Into Darknesss? I feel that the Tribble, Spock and thei am a doctor... kind of detract for the plot. I feel that way they could had made the hardcore fans more happy and the plot would be more straightforward and focused. Weller did a good job but Stewart or Books or Mulgre could had done just as well.
What you mean by hardcore fans is 24th century fans, who basically get nothing...

You have Spiner in a cryotube, what more do you want?

Seriously though I can just imagine the outrage if Stewart or Mulgrew was to portray a baddie.
The role of an Admiral is too close to their TNG/VOY roles and would be confusing. I mean during the movie I'd be thinking is that the real Picard, is that his father, is he in disguise, has he travelled in time, is this the MU version of Picard? I'd lose track of the movie.

Actually I have no problem with any of the 24th century guys being in a movie provided there is no confusion over their role
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