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Re: If the reboot would had involved Pike and crewAnd they would recas


Why didn't you leave Quinto in Spock's role ? Just curious.
Just curious how Morgan would do, i would also like to see a more immature Spock than we had ever seen onscreen. I think he could play one well.


I'm still wondering why they would do a reboot with the characters from an episode that was never even aired???
This is just one of the half bilion what if threads that are floating around here.

Interesting question, interesting choices. I would say that Alyson Hannigan, born in 1974, is way too old for the part of Colt. Don't get me wrong, she looks great, but Colt was about 20 in "The Cage," and American Pie was a loooong time ago.
Who would you pick instead?

And now with nonhotlinked pics:

Spock.......Colin Morgan

Philip Boyce-Michael Hogan

Josť Tyler-Christopher Egan

J.M. Colt-Alyson Hannigan

Number One-Jennifer Beals

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