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Re: The abundance of ideas for a new trek show.

A series following the hardworking but overlooked men, women and others of the Border Service, set onboard a decades old ship where ingenuity, sweat and bailwire are all that keep her together as she goes into situations most others would avoid in order to save lives.

The crew wouldn't be as cleancut as on other ships/series, all onboard for different reasons (those because of the work they do, some because no one else wants them, and others who are seeking the adventure) but all bound together under the label of "Border Dogs".

Ok so I'm more than a little bias

But I would love to see a series that isn't on the most cutting edge ship of the fleet, where the crew are more than just outstanding examples of sentients but have flaws and quirks, where the loss of a shipmate is a big deal for a closeknit community.
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