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Re: The abundance of ideas for a new trek show.

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Nostalgia. It wasn't better before.
So I guess they should take the Hugo award away from City on the Edge of Forever, remove the Enterprise from the Smithsonian, and strike Trek from all top-10 lists of greatest TV shows of all time because it's all just rose-colored-glasses. Thanks for the tip.
I never said or implied anything of the sort. Why are you misrepresenting my post ?
I've heard every apologia for JJ Trek imaginable, and you just reached for the usual "the old stuff sucks or is no-better" argument. I have no interest in using straw-man arguments, and if you want to clarify it, please do, but left to a one-liner like that, that's how you come across, and you really should be aware of it. It's your responsibility to be concise.
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