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Re: Stargate Universe Rewatch: Now with teacake

Darkness: This was pretty good. Overall quite atmospheric with the gruel, the darkness, the water supply. Not enough to fill a backyard pool, that hits home. I like seeing people in survival situations actually working on survival.

We learn that Eli is 25 a fact I immediately forgot the first time I watched this. I spent the whole series thinking he was 19. He does not come across as 25, one year younger than James. While it is great they didn't make him a boy genius (enough of those already) he really doesn't seem much more than a kid.

I had a good laugh at the half dressed Chloe telling Eli, "Turn around!" There's a sentence with new associations

And I liked that Riley, the skinny guy, says he has "no regrets". That was totally cool. Okay it also means he has no one he cares about back on earth perhaps but when you can end up far across the universe with no idea whether you will survive and say that it's impressive.

I seem to recall he dies

And we get some first scenes with Volker, looking trimmer than he ends up. Volker and Park were my only hot ones in this show the first time I watched it. I like Volker better later on when his hair and belly spread a bit

I'm confused as to why Young is in such a rush to report back to earth. Is he required to do so at certain intervals? So far nothing of any use has come of it which is just DUMB. Why doesn't he use the stones and request someone exchange with him (OR THE COOK) who has experience with ancient tech? There must be plenty of not very useful people on the ship they could exchange with someone with extra knowledge for a few hours.

The scenes of Young back home in Telford's body with his angry wife took me clear out of all the tension and atmosphere of being trapped on the ship. Absolutely nothing happens too!

Also I really hate the slow note music they play during emotional scenes. It is awful. A lot of the other music is pretty good, not sure why we have this stuff.

And finally I cannot get over how enormous James's breasts are. I can't stop staring at them. I'm wondering if they are real. They are very impressive.

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