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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness - SPOILERS!!!

The ENT Augments trilogy works as perfectly as a prequel to Into Darkness as it does "Space Seed" and Wrath of Khan. I love how new Treks can make us look back at older episodes or movies slightly differently. ID sheds new light on Henry Archer's death:

SOONG: They're the future. They're stronger, smarter, free from sickness, with life spans twice as long as our own. You, more than anyone, should appreciate what this means.

ARCHER: Why me?

SOONG: Your father suffered from Clarke's Disease. His final years were marked with extreme pain.

ARCHER: My father has nothing to do with this.

SOONG: He didn't need to suffer. Genetic engineering could've cured him. Those who want to suppress my Augments are the same ones who condemned your father to death.

(from "Borderland"

...all it would have taken to save Henry Archer was an injection of whatever's in Khan's blood, as we saw with Lucille Harewood at the start of Into Darkness and at the end with Kirk - technology which has been outlawed on Earth since 1996.
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