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Re: Why was the Enterprise.. [Spoilers]

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^^I just visited EAS and LOL'd at this quote:

Seeing that the people in charge have lost perspective of ship sizes, we may decide that it all doesn't matter any longer, or we settle on a more reasonable size for the Enterprise. so we are dealing with a Vengeance of "only" some 750m and not one mile.

Translation: I don't like their bigger ships so I'm ignoring the movie and pulling this number out of my ass.

Actually, if you assume Sulu's line "He just jumped 30m!" refers to the gap in the saucer, then the ship's length is coincidentally about 750m.

I think people will be shocked when the new official numbers come out on the BluRay extras.
I think I'd really like it if that argument didn't keep getting raised outside of the thread expressly provided for the purpose.
A thread where I am still patiently awaiting a reply from WarpFactorZ.
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