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^^^ What vibrant colors! Beautiful flowers.

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Took this shot from the Ferris Wheel at Kemah. It was a fun day, but much, much too hot. And yes, we went on the coaster first.
That coaster does not look reliable.

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It's nice to be able to do something nice for your parents. When I was living in Romania my Sister and Father came to visit me and we took a weekend trip to Budapest, Hungary. That weekend just so happened to be my Father's 65th birthday so we arranged to take him on a dinner cruise along the Danube river. It is the most animated I have ever seen my Father. He kept saying "this is awesome", so mission accomplished!

That sounds awesome. Also you know how some people just look like nice people? That's you and your family.

I've been scanning old family pics so I present to you, siblings:

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