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Re: Strategic Designs/Cydonia 6 Ink: Any Progress?

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The Ships of the Star Fleet series is from Mastercom, not SD.
You´re right of course, I stand corrected. Got my abbreviations mixed up
It's okay. You're new here

IMO, Mastercom was pretty much the ultimate for this type of work, at least as far as the completeness of the "reality' they created. None of the others really stand up. As for abbreviations, I tend to shorten them to McM. Of course before that they were SSA*- Star Station Aurora. And they produced the outstanding Starship Design periodical. OMG

Another group called Federation Printing Office was pretty good too. Though they never should of used "Printing' in their name -- total anachnronnism nowadays. But oh well. They were known as SFPO, of course. They kind of followed in the footsteps of SSA / McM; followed their lead, yessir, but they did do the Reference Series. 'Course, that got ripped off too easily by unscruopulous dealers as I always heard it.

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