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Re: What stories from history would you like to see made into movies?

I still say that the story of the Galveston hurricane, if it were in the hands of a serious, evocative and artistic director like Ang Lee or Katheryn Bigelow, (please no James Cameron) could be profoundly moving. I found pictures at a Galveston historical site--not just pictures of damage, but pictures from before the storm taken in the late 1890s and the summer of 1900. I wonder how much the city of today could be used for photography. There are no more of the huge bath houses on stilts that sat in the surf for beach visitors who wanted to feel the surf on their faces. There's a sea wall now; the entire city was raised 9 feet by pouring bags of cement and concrete. On Sept 8, 1900, the highest point in the city was 9 feet above sea level. It was a city sitting on a sand dune. The Gulf was level with the island then. You saw the Gulf in the distance everywhere.
Sea wall site before it existed.

bath house summer 1900-wiped out by waves in 2 hours

One of the numerous magnificent upscale Galveston homes circa 1899. Notice its foundation doesn't sit on the ground, quite typical at the time the nearer to the beach.

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