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I work for a large retailer who has stringent guidelines on disposal of chemicals, garbage, damaged products and other waste.
Anything that falls within these toxic categories has to be packed into giant Ziploc bags and then into stored in airtight containers (think giant tupperware) until a licensed EPA recycling company comes to dispose of the materials.

I was interested in Mio as an alternative to the large amounts of Coca Cola I drink, until I learned that the beverage has to be packed and stored for recycling and cannot be thrown in the trash, as it contains chemicals which are harmful for the environment.

Again, keep in mind that with my soft drink addiction, I'm not an avid health food nut, but after learning this at work and then doing research online, I was wary enough of the product to decide not to ingest it. I know there seems to be similar hype whenever there is a new type of artificial sweetener (sweet-n-low cancer scare comes to mind) and I realize Coca Cola isn't healthy by any means (though I trust it more because the waste isn't deemed toxic for the environment), I thought I'd share what I've learned in the hopes that you'll make your own decisions.

I'm sorry if someone already mentioned this, I only skimmed the first page of the thread. Also, I'm curious to hear opinions of Mio based on what I've shared versus your own personal research. If you're interested, search for a list of ingredients.
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