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Re: Engineering's curved hallways

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Despite being obviously onscreen-incompatible no fans since (as far I'm aware of and except for blssdwlf) have ever attempted to come up with an onscreen compatible alternative and one that is not influenced by FJ but exclusively by the actual footage.
But where does it end?!?!?

For the love of ptomaine, are you also going to make sure the walls of the corridors actually bend and move in your plans when someone slams into them ... or are you going to make every single curved corridor have exactly the same radius and degree of arc? After all, that's all we saw onscreen! The same corridor at the same curvature over and over and over again. If you're going to say that there are other corridors on other parts of the saucer that are at different curvatures, then that's not being true to the onscreen evidence. That's making a bigger pie than we were shown

And I like pie.
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