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Re: Why did they bother...

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But I've noticed that people want the original stories, NOT the original actors, and that they are miffed that the characters were put in an alternate universe.
Not at all. I'm perfectly fine with new stories. In fact, I want new stories - not retreads with the serial numbers filed off.

It's not even about the fact that they used Khan as the antagonist, although I admit that I did a reverse headdesk into my seat's headrest when Khan revealed who he was.

Had they shown me Marcus having Khan do his bidding and seen Khan's mounting frustration, he would have been a much more interesting and sympathetic character. Orci and Kurtzman broke the first rule of writing: "Show, don't tell." More story, and less idiotic action (not "less action" - less "idiotic action"), and STID would have been a much better movie.

I would even have been willing to lose the opening sequence on Nibiru - which I loved - to give more time to the backstory of why Khan is so pissed off at Marcus. Instead, we got Spock trying to beat up Khan while riding on top of a flying car. Ooo. And the laws of physics getting thrown out the airlock.

If anything, this movie was a blatant attempt to tell a story that had been told before, only with the identities of the characters swapped around a bit.

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I think you'll find most people who don't accept Pine and Quinto are 24th century Star Trek fans.
Raging that its not Picard or Janeway or Sisko on screen.
This ties in with my own (completely unscientific) pet theory that it's mostly TNG-era fans that have issues with the new movies, because they're not "intellectual" or "utopian" enough--as opposed to us old-school TOS fans who grew up on a STAR TREK that was both "cerebral" and good, old-fashioned space-opera adventure.
I love space opera, and The Final Frontier is probably my least favourite of all the Trek films - though I see what Shatner was trying to do. I just don't think he quite got there. (Then again, I'm one of those old-school fans - I'm 45 years old, and discovered TOS in syndication around 1980.)

It's possible to combine them. With another couple of drafts, Nemesis could have been a brilliant movie, with its nature-versus-nurture theme and some "good, old-fashioned space-opera adventure". STID could have been in my top three Trek movies - but I was so pissed off at its shortcomings that I didn't even realize until later that there was a current-day political allegory in there screaming to be let out. (My favourite Trek film is The Undiscovered Country, because it's an unashamed political allegory.)
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